Watch: Sean Plunket labels Peter Williams 'greedy boomer' for taking Super

Magic Afternoons host Sean Plunket has dragged his Magic mornings host Peter Williams over the coals for signing up for his NZ Superannuation.

On Thursday, Williams described the arduous process of applying for Superannuation.

Later, Plunket called him out, asking if he intended to "suck on the public tit for the rest of your life, when you have got enough money to live quite comfortably in retirement?"

Williams replied: "Yes, that's all true. But so what?"

Later, Williams admitted he probably didn't need the money to live, but is entitled to it. 

"The great thing about the New Zealand benefit system is that it is universal," he told Plunket.

When Mr Plunket floated the idea that he could donate it to charity, the answer was a resounding no.

"Mate I'm not John Key. No I will not do that; I'm entitled to it and eligible for it."

Watch the full video of the debate.