'We can't guard against stupidity': Tauranga Mayor slams train-surfing teens

KiwiRail has major concerns about thrill-seeking teenagers who are jumping off a railway bridge in Tauranga.

Police have been called in after concerning photos emerged showing them jumping while a train was on the bridge - and one was even captured standing on a carriage.

The railway bridge is one of the busiest in the country and is above a popular swimming spot in Tauranga.

It's a tempting target - but frightening photos of the youths shows how very little room is left for error.

One local told Newshub he'd even seen children using stationary trains on the bridge as a jumping platform.

"When the trains start to move they jump off the train into water," he says. "One guy slipped and fell off the train."

KiwiRail says too many people are putting their lives at risk, and is pleading with people to stop.

"Don't do it - it's not worth the risk," says health and safety spokesperson  Katie McMahon.

And the local mayor isn't mincing his words.

"I think it's one of the most stupid things I can think of anyone doing. We can't guard against stupidity, so I hope parents warn their kids about those dangers," Greg Brownless says.

Last year, an 11-year-old Ngaruawahia girl was killed when she got caught in the path of an on-coming train. It's a not-so-subtle reminder that what seems like great summer fun can end in real tragedy.

KiwiRail says the tracks are for trains only, and anyone found on them can be fined as much as $10,000.


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