Weather: Southern Ocean storms disrupt weather patterns

This week's weather is a tale of two islands as Southern Ocean storms bring sun and heat to the North, and rain and cold to the South.

"This week will feel like summer in the North Island but may feel more like spring or autumn in the South Island as two storms in the Southern Ocean churn by disrupting New Zealand's weather pattern," Weather Watch says.

"With another storm in the Southern Ocean this weekend, expect more big variety in weather from one end of the country to the other, with windiest, wettest and coolest weather most likely the further south you go and hotter, drier, calmer weather the further north east you are."

The South Island will be brushed with heavy rain and strong winds and real fluctuations in temperatures.

"On Wednesday the front will cross the South Island firstly pushing the temperatures along the east coast up to around the 30degC mark, and 31degC for Christchurch before bringing rain with a cooler southerly change to most of the Island," MetService says.

"On Thursday we can see in the wake of the front the South Island temperatures cool dramatically compared the 30degC temperatures on Wednesday, the maximum temperatures will drop to around 17-19degC along the east coast."

Rain will be heavy on the West Coast with over 100mm possible, and will spill over into Southland and Otago too.

"The North Island isn't as unsettled, although it will be windy around Cook Strait, hot at times in the east (pushing 30degC) and cloudier with a few showers in the west and around Bay of Plenty," Weather Watch says.


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