'Wellington is biting back': Man organising mass tooting in Mt Victoria tunnel

 'Wellington is biting back': Man organising mass tooting in Mt Victoria tunnel
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A Wellington City councillor's bid to stop people tooting their horns through the Mt Victoria tunnel has gone awry.

On Wednesday, an event was organised in an attempt to beat the world record for the most toots through the tunnel.

Scheduled for late February, the event already has 2000 people interested.

The description details the event's cause: "In light of recent efforts to prevent us from tooting through the mt vic tunnel, wellington has decided to bite back by in fact tooting more," the organiser writes. "It only makes sense to take it a step further."

The event wants to set a world record for the amount of toots tooted in the tunnel in one day, and they say they can't do it without the help of "all of Wellington".

It is unclear how they will measure the amount of toots, as being in the tunnel while the event is occurring would be unpleasant at least, and deafening at most.

Posts to the event page are not exactly positive.

One person writes: "Y'all realise how deafening it is to walk through there and some f%#ktard gets on the horn right? It is serious douche behaviour to hit the horn in a tunnel."

Another wishes for consequences for the tooters, saying: "I truly hope the cops just sit at the end and fine everyone for misuse of a vehicle's warning system. Might get the record for tickets issued at the same time."

However it does have some supporters - and even suggestions on how to protect pedestrians during the day, with someone suggesting a box of earmuffs be available either side for those walking through to utilise.



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