Whakatane couple selling two-headed taxidermy goat to fund wedding

The Project spoke to Toni Dando and her partner Wayne Robinson on Wednesday night, who are trying to sell their taxidermy two-headed goat.

The couple are due to get married in April, and are selling the rare item for around $15,000.

Two-headed goats are very rare, and Mr Robinson said he helped the mother of this one give birth to it, but it did not survive.

"I actually pulled it out, out of one of the girls I have. Its name is Caramel."

Mr Robinson said the taxidermist had only seen two-headed goats online - and never one as pristine as Caramel.

The couple told The Project that they had Caramel in their freezer for just over a year whilst trying to find the right taxidermist.

"He does a lot of overseas stuff and it took him about 12 months to do it. The hardest part was finding the eyes for it," Mr Robinson said.

Ms Dando explained that they had offers coming in from all over the world.

"We've had them from Canada, the USA - but then I've got to figure out all the pricing to get it through Customs."

She said the money from selling Caramel would go into "topping up the wedding fund".


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