Whangamata ice cream caravan closed after $1200 New Year's Day break-in

The theft of $1200 worth of product and cash has forced a Whangamata ice cream caravan to close.

Michael Fleming owns and runs, Blackies Cafe at the Beach, and the icecream caravan near the beach, at Williamson Park. 

Mr Fleming had not long closed up shop for the night when he was alerted to a break-in at his caravan at around 11:30pm on New Year's Day, Stuff reports.

The following day it emerged the break-in had been recorded and posted on Snapchat. The video shows a male throwing ice creams out to a crowd of people. 

"They are just drunk and young and thought it was funny. It pisses me off as it's $1200 worth of product," Mr Fleming told Stuff.

And the burglary and theft has brought an end to business over the summer for the caravan. 

Mr Fleming said he wants to talk to those who broke into the caravan. 

He offered the man in the video a chance to meet up and talk about the incident but the man showed no remorse so Mr Fleming passed information onto police.  

A police spokesperson says the caravan was parked on Ocean Road, Whangamata at the time of the break in.

Police are conducting enquiries.


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