Another sleepless night in Tasman after new wildfire

Tasman residents had another sleepless night as forest fires continue to rage.

A new blaze broke out in Moutere on Wednesday afternoon, forcing the evacuation of 97 properties.

The fire is now contained, and residents have been allowed back home.

MetService Meteorologist Tui McInnes told Newshub the region will stay dry for at least another fortnight.

"High pressure, that sticks around and that basically helps to dissuade any wet weather happening, which of course is not the new anyone will be wanting to hear."

NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino told The AM Show it's not looking likely the drought will end any time soon.

"You need an extended period of basically light to moderate rainfall, many episodes over a long period of time," he said.

But that isn't looking likely.

"NIWA later today will be issuing our Autumn outlook, [it] doesn't favour wetness."

Newshub reporter Thomas Mead is at the scene and told The AM Show firefighters are starting to return to base after spending all night fighting the newest fire.

"As soon as first light comes up, new day crews come in," he said.

"They'll be trying to tackle that fire as aggressively as they can so it doesn't spark up and start spreading again... so they can get their focus back on the big one, the 33km fire zone back in the valleys."

Firefighters will also launch drones to look at the new fire and establish where the hot spots are, similarly to what has been used in the wildfires that spread rapidly across the district early in February.


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