Auckland man baffled after finding bizarre 'baby mice'-like creatures

An Auckland man is confused after his mother discovered mysterious "mice-like" creatures in her kitchen.

Tim Clerke was concerned after finding the little creatures, which appear to be smaller than a fingernail and grey with tails.

He told Caters the critters disturbed him.

"I took one look at them and knew I would never touch them," he said. "They looked like baby mice without facial features or limbs, my wife was physically distressed."

Mr Clerke turned to Facebook for help, but didn't find it.

"Some thoughts they were baby rats, others rat-tailed maggots, others suggested they were detached moth legs," he said.

"But my mum doesn't have a cat, so how did they get there?"

Even experts are baffled by what they could be. Caters reached out to three entomologists at Sydney University, but they could not confirm what the creatures are without closer inspection.