Auckland Peace Action denounces Jordan Peterson as threatening 'everything of value' ahead of tour

An activist group is condemning what it claims are "sexist, queerphobic, [and] racist" views from controversial professor Jordan Peterson ahead of his New Zealand tour.

Prof Peterson, a free-speech proponent who shot to fame in 2016 for his views on political correctness, will speak at four events throughout New Zealand in mid-February to promote his book Twelve Rules for Life.

But his views, including calling white privilege a "Marxist lie" and saying women wear makeup to work to be sexually provocative, have caught the attention of activist group Auckland Peace Action.

The activist group released a statement on Monday accusing Prof Peterson of advocating for "distinctly unhelpful" values that threaten "everything of value in our society".

"In the lead-up to Jordan Peterson's visit to New Zealand we have a duty to condemn his sexist, queerphobic, racist and deeply reactionary views," said Iris Krzyzosiak of Auckland Peace Action.

Ms Krzyzosiak said Prof Peterson is well-known for his "objectionable opinions" which he believes contrasts with New Zealand's values of "gender equality, egalitarianism and social inclusivity".

The statement then lists several claims about Mr Peterson, such as that he believes men cannot "control crazy women" because they can't use physical force.

"Prof Peterson's associations are equally objectionable: he's appeared on noted racist and misogynist Stefan Molyneux's Youtube channel no fewer than three times," said the statement.

But not everyone is on board with the activist group.

One man replied to a video the group posted on Monday about Prof Peterson, calling it "cute" and saying he was "going to sell out in Auckland".

A Twitter user on Monday also tweeted that were excited for Prof Peterson to come to New Zealand.

"Good luck with all of the lefty lunatics," they said.

Of the professor's four New Zealand shows, two have sold out, showing a keen interest from Kiwis in his views.

Prof Peterson's book was also an international best-seller, including topping The Washington Post's bestsellers list. In January, he announced the book had sold more than three million copies.

It has been described as a self-help piece for young men, offering simple advice such as to "stand up straight" and "clean your room".

Ms Krzyzosiak said Prof Peterson's statements need to be subject to critical analysis as his "presence in this country is worrying as it threatens many of the basic values of our society".


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