Auckland woman on mission to find man who 'thrashed' dog in broad daylight with 'wild swinging fists'

  • 07/02/2019
Golnaz Tabar says she saw the man violently beat the dog in front of two children on the Flat Bush street.
Golnaz Tabar says she saw the man violently beat the dog in front of two children on the Flat Bush street. Photo credit: Getty Images / Google.

An Auckland woman is determined to bring a man to justice who she saw violently beating a small dog in a "horrific case of cruelty". 

While visiting family in Flat Bush, Golnaz Tabar was outside the property seeing friends off with her sister and nephew when a car pulled up to a man walking with a child on the nearby footpath.

Ms Tabar says the black SUV stopped next to the man before a woman yelled out from the driver's seat "I got her", seemingly referring to a small dog in the car. 

The man walked up to the car with the youngster following behind when Ms Tabar heard him say "I am going to kill her."

According to Ms Tabar, the man opened the door and began "the most horrific beating", thrashing the dog with enough power to make it cry out in pain. 

"He thrashed her at least six times, in the space of 10 seconds, with wild swinging fists." 

Completely devastated, Ms Tabar screamed and lunged towards the car. She says the man looked over at her before jumping into the car with the child. 

Ms Tabar, who owns a boutique PR agency, called police immediately with the vehicle's registration details and stressed that she believed the dog would likely "be dead or enduring severe pain from broken bones".

She is extremely disturbed and concerned that the dog has not been tended to, explaining: "I will not stop until charges are laid against this monster. It is not acceptable." 

A police spokesperson told Newshub that police received a report of a man punching a dog multiple times about 8.30pm on Sunday in Flatbush. 

"Police have been making enquires and have notified the council and the SPCA." 

The SPCA confirmed it is investigating and as the case is open, is unable to comment further on specific details. 

Ms Tabar says the incident goes beyond the suffering of the dog and urges others to recognise the link "between harming animals and other people". 

"If you can thrash an animal with such ferocious violence in broad daylight in the presence of witnesses and specifically children, you are a dangerous person who should be flagged as such by the relevant authorities."