Bubbles the Chihuahua found in Taupō after 16-day search

A beloved dog who's been missing for 16 days after a horrendous car crash has finally been found and captured in Taupō.

Bubbles the Chihuahua was thrown from a car on Friday, January 18, in a crash that left owner Faye Emery in a coma and two of her grandchildren injured.

The incident sparked a huge search for the canine - and despite numerous sightings over the last two weeks, Bubbles has been difficult to coax to safety.

More than 700 people were part of a Facebook group created to bring Bubbles home safe - and on Sunday morning, the update they were all waiting for finally came through.

"Bubbles has been caught and is at the vet," one volunteer wrote on the Facebook page.

"Not the best circumstances but I have met some lovely people while out searching, I am glad to live in this town.

"Proud of us all for not giving up and for those who were essentially the front line in charge. Well done all! Best outcome ever!"

Dozens of people have already sent well wishes and expressed their joy at the successful end to the search. Others have posted videos of Bubbles before it was taken to the vet, looking exhausted and skinny as it lies in a cage with a water bowl.


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