Christchurch's gigantic hand sculpture 'Quasi' moving to Wellington

Christchurch's gigantic hand sculpture 'Quasi' moving to Wellington
Photo credit: Christchurch Art Gallery

Christchurch is waving goodbye to its massive hand sculpture, so Wellington can wave hello.

The five metre tall polystyrene and resin sculpture was created by Ronnie van Hout, who modelled it after his own hand and distinctive facial features. 

After three years perched on top of the Christchurch Art Gallery, "Quasi" will be refurbished, and then shipped to its new home - Wellington.

It will sit atop the City Gallery Wellington from May.

Christchurch Gallery head curator Lara Strongman says "Quasi" has created a lot of conversation during it's time atop the building

"I've noticed that people tend to have a strong point of view about the work, which is great," she said in statement.

Mr Hout is known for mixing the surreal with the serious - he focuses on works that spark debate and engagement.

"Like all his work, it's essentially enigmatic - you make your own reading of the work and you have your own emotional response to its presence there on the skyline."



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