'Constable Toss Pott': Mum's heartfelt letter after son's speeding ticket

A police car on a quiet road.
A police car on a quiet road. Photo credit: Getty

A thankful mother has written a letter to the New Zealand Police thanking an officer for pulling over her son for speeding.

A copy of the letter was posted on the NZ Police LinkedIn page, where the mother explains how she was glad her son got caught.

She tried to get the name of the police officer, but her son only called them "Constable Toss Pott".

She wants to call them "Constable Fantastic" instead and said her son had been taught a valuable lesson.

"I just want you to know he has now learnt a life lesson, he has had the heart pumping, the sick feeling, the flashing red and blue lights, a large fine and demerit points taken.

"I want to thank you for teaching my son that life lesson, and also my younger son, as he was listening in to the consequences of speeding.

"We have always said to our boys, anyone can drive a car and anyone can drive fast, but handling that vehicle when things go wrong is a whole new board game they don't want to discover."

The woman ended the letter by saying that she thinks the NZ Police do a fantastic job and officers' hard work is appreciated.


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