Couple called 'bald chimp' and 'pig ugly' for parking in a disabled park, despite having permit

Couple called 'bald chimp' and 'pig ugly' for parking in a disabled park, despite having permit
Photo credit: Greg and Catherine Campbell / Supplied

Catherine and Greg Campbell were grabbing a coffee on Saturday afternoon at Centre City in New Plymouth when their trip into town was ruined by a horrific note. 

The Campbells parked in the centre's mobility parking, and one stranger took it upon themselves to tell them that this was not allowed.

Upon returning to their Range Rover, they found a note that read: "Hey you bald chimp ass wanker, with pig ugly wife this is a disable park."

However, the note-writer did not notice that he placed the note right on top the Mrs Campbell's mobility permit. 

Catherine Campbell is in renal failure, and undergoes dialysis on a regular basis. 

Although she may not be in a wheelchair, or have a walking stick, she still has the right to a mobility parking permit.

"I didn't find the permit at the bottom of a Weetbix box, I paid for it, I got assessed... if someone had said that to be at my lowest point that would have been guttering."

Mrs Campbell believes that the note-writer was watching her and her husband exit the car, as they mentioned that Mr Campbell was bald. 

"They must have thought the permit was for my mother, or grandmother, and we were using it to park wherever we feel." 

Mrs Campbell is grateful that she is healthy enough "to kick the note to the side" but can't help but think how someone who may be going through chemotherapy may feel if they received the same treatment. 

"When you're feeling really crap, that's going to make you feel six times worse." 

The couple posted about the incident on their Facebook page, and many users have come forward, with one user saying the same thing happened to her brother - who is an amputee. 

Mrs Campbell says the abuse people are getting is "horrendous."

"Leave the policing to the security guards, you never know anybody's situation." 



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