Cyclist riding dangerously on Auckland's Northern Motorway shocks bus passengers

Auckland bus passengers were shocked by a cyclist dangerously riding on the Northern Motorway towards the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

A video of the daredevil was captured by Chase Manning on Wednesday at 5pm as he was sitting on the upper deck of a bus also heading north towards the bridge.

While gazing out the window, he "suddenly saw cars ahead of us start swerving into the right lane".

The video shows the cyclist riding in the left lane of the motorway during peak hour traffic, with several vehicles closely driving past him.

"While he was cycling, cars were yelling at him, he was yelling back defending himself.

"Our bus had to swerve and change lanes suddenly to avoid hitting him," said Mr Manning.

He believes the cyclist had probably just made an honest mistake and taken the wrong turn which led him onto the motorway.

"After realising what had happened, he thought it would be safer to continue than it would be to turn around and go against traffic in the motorway," Mr Manning reckoned.

"Everyone on the bus was shocked!"

A police spokesperson told Newshub police had received multiple reports of the cyclist, but a few minutes later, they were informed the cyclist had left the road.

It is illegal to ride a bike on a motorway, an offence punishable by a fine. However, the police spokesperson said she didn't have any information about a fine being enforced.

In December, a man was issued with a fine after being caught illegally crossing the bridge on a Lime scooter.