'Do something before someone dies': Auckland cyclist confronts bus driver after overtake

An Auckland cyclist has posted a damning video to Twitter.

On Thursday morning, Alec Tang was cycling along Grafton Bridge when a bus drove dangerously close to him.

In the video, one bus overtakes him safely, then another follows behind and veers alongside.

He shouts at the driver, who continues on to the next stop, where Mr Tang confronts him.

The driver stares at Mr Tang with the bus door shut, and refuses to acknowledge the dangerous driving.

"Do you understand? Do you understand what you did here?" asks Mr Tang, as the driver stares straight ahead.

"You're not gonna listen? Oh, God," continues Mr Tang, before cycling to the front of the bus and getting a shot of the number and route.

The footage was posted to Twitter with the caption: "Kia ora Auckland Transport, I know it's Valentine's Day but doesn't mean your drivers need to try and mount me."

He continues, saying "I'd say it's reckless but it's really just standard isn't it?...do something before someone dies."

Comments on Mr Tang's post reiterate the driver's behaviour is not a one off

"A daily occurrence for me too Alec," writes one user, "not only dangerous and illegal but REALLY STUPID."

"This is such a common occurrence on this bridge. It's scary and unnecessary and dangerous. Akltransport talk to your drivers," writes another.



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