Donald Trump urinal image destroyed at Canterbury pub

The giant urinal image of US President Donald Trump in Methven, Canterbury has been left "defaced and discarded" after a deliberate act of desecration.

The image, which was formerly viewable at The Dubliner pub, gained national news coverage in September 2016 during Mr Trump's candidacy.

It portrayed Mr Trump making one of his well-known ungentlemanly gestures, and allowed members of the public to urinate on one of the most disliked politicians in US history.

But sometime between 7pm and 8pm on Friday it was subjected to a savage attack.

Pub owner Gary Manning was doing a bathroom check when he noticed Mr Trump was missing from his pride of place.

The former reality TV star had been removed from the urinal - an odious task given its use - and dumped in a waste bin.

"We're really disappointed that Donald has been damaged," Mr Manning says.

"We've had visitors from all over New Zealand and indeed the world coming to The Dubliner to relieve themselves and then complement us on the décor in our men's toilets."

The damage has been reported to local police who are "actively investigating" the matter. In the meantime Mr Manning encourages those responsible to come back in and explain their actions.

"As this stage our main suspects are two elderly gentlemen, one with a slack-jaw who visited the pub last night and were acting suspiciously after visiting the toilets," he says.

"We're intending to start a poll on Facebook and invite our customer to vote as to whether Donald should be elected to a second term at The Dubliner."


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