Fire spinners, flame thrower at Nelson festival - despite total fire ban

Festival-goers near Nelson were given a show over the weekend, as fire spinners and a ute-mounted flame thrower threw fire high into the air.

But the spectacle was taking place at Dystopia, a festival just 80 kilometres from Pigeon Valley, where a massive bush fire has raged for almost two weeks.

Videos posted to Facebook show two fire spinners, and to their right, a man stands on a ute with a flame thrower and sends fire above their heads.

Dystopia took place in a valley near Upper Takaka - an area under a complete fire ban.

Posts by the event's organiser to Facebook show he was aware of this fire ban, as one post reads: "There is a severe fire risk for the region so no fires plz n thanks."

However, the same person also posted a thumbs up emoji in reaction to photographs of the gigantic plume of flame coming from the flame thrower atop the truck.

One person spoke out in protest of the pyrotechnics, writing "anyone supporting an event with live fire at the moment needs their heads read WTF!"

According to the festival-goer who responded to the protest, the flame thrower was safe.

"We doused the site with water all day on Friday, and had a complete fire ban in all areas other than the dust bowl which was bordered in wet ground."

The event's organiser did not immediately respond to request for comment.



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