Fix to Gisborne water leak coming on Friday - Mayor

The Mayor of Gisborne is thanking locals for their efforts in conserving water ahead of a fix to a major water leak which led to a total outdoor water ban on Thursday.

An urgent ban on outdoor water use was put in place on Thursday after a leak on a main water pipeline put pressure on reservoirs, with the city only having two days of water left.

But residents shouldn't have long to wait until they begin using water outdoors again, with Mayor Meng Foon telling The AM Show on Friday that a fix is coming soon.

"The team at Fulton Hogan has worked all night, and the pipe will be repaired in about an hour's time," he said.

"It will take about a day to flush and keep everything safe, and then the main pipeline will be commissioned."

The Mayor also thanked residents for their efforts in limiting water use, but asked them to continue conserving water until they receive the all-clear.

"Everything should be okay, but we still ask our community to continue to conserve water until the main pipeline is back in action," he said.

Mr Foon said it is believed the leak was caused by a rubber ring that "had deteriorated over the years".

"There was a little fountain on the side of the road, and that alerted the council."

He said it showed there needed to be investment in local water supplies.

"I think all the councils need to be on their game regarding water and waste water"

Winegrowers in the region haven't found the restrictions too limiting, with Winegrowers Society chairperson Annie Milton telling Newshub they're so far coping in the dry conditions.

"It's dry, the grapes are looking pretty good... [there is a] great development of fruit ripeness," said Ms Milton. "There is a lot of underneath soil moisture".

Water from the Waipaoa Plant will supplement the supply on Friday morning, but is "harder", meaning it has a higher mineral content. Residents may notice a difference in taste.


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