Gigantic Australian dust cloud making its way to New Zealand

An enormous cloud of dust could be making its way from Australia to New Zealand.

MetService warned about the cloud's progress on Twitter on Wednesday and said it could affect some parts of the country.

"We see large areas of dust (the hazy brown areas over northwest New South Wales) picked up by strong northwest winds ahead of a cold front.

"As the front moves over NZ Thursday, western parts of the South Island may be affected and Central NZ on Friday."

If the cloud makes its way over here it would not the first time Australia has caused visibility issues in New Zealand this summer.

Smoke particles from severe bushfires in Tasmania made their way to NZ in early February, causing a notable haze in the air.

MetService told Newshub at the time smoke particles causing a haze is relatively common when strong westerlies and bushfires occur at the same time.

It also said over the week the haze occurred it received many images of spectacular sunsets which have been caused by particles in the atmosphere.

When the sun is low in the sky, blue wavelengths are scattered by the smoke particles, leaving red, pink, and orange colours more vivid.


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