Google device only picks up man's voice when he speaks 'like a Māori'

Adam Marshall and Josh Wickens just wanted to play some iconic Kiwi music on Google Home, a digital personal assistant, but it proved much harder than they expected.

The Porirua pair highlighted their struggle in a video that has gone viral on Facebook.

Mr Wickens asks the Google Home speaker to play 'Poi E' by the Patea Māori Club, but is told that "'Boy'" by the "Party Motor Club" is not available.

"Josh tried to put the song on, but it didn't work, so he thought he would try and change his voice," Mr Marshall told Newshub.

Mr Wickens then turns to the camera and declares: "Gotta Māori that shit up."

Mr Wickens repeats his sentence, but in a strong Māori accent.

"Hey Google, play 'Poi E' by the Patea Māori Club, g!"

Amazingly, it is only then Google Home understands what Josh is requesting.

Mr Wickens discovered his device's poor Kiwi accent comprehension earlier in the evening when he went to play the anthem, and thought if he "changed his voice" he might have better luck.

The video has been viewed more than 70,000 times, with Facebook users loving the Kiwi-ness of the scene.

Although the pair are yet to try this trick with other songs, they are on board with the suggestion of a video series.

"We will definitely make more videos, we love to have a laugh and joke around."


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