'How are we gonna top Dunedin': Hutt residents attach couch to Lime scooters

A group of Stokes Valley residents have bemused bystanders after riding a couch attached to two Lime scooters down a hill.

Liam Smith, a member of the group involved, told Newshub they had the idea to make the contraption after deciding against taking the old couch to the dump.

"We went to Pete's Emporium, got four $3 castor wheels and screwed them to this couch. 

"We wanted to go down a little hill. One thing led to another, and we were having a few drinks, few thoughts came up and boom: Limes [on the] couch."

Mr Smith said the group wondered how they would "top Dunedin", referring to incidents where one man attached a La-Z-Boy to a scooter and another where somebody put mattresses on a scooter.

Dunedin has seen several high profile misuse of scooter incidents, including one where a man was spotted taking one down Baldwin St.

Video of the incident shows the young man stumbling at points, but getting to the bottom unharmed. It took place less than a day after the electric scooters were launched in Dunedin.

Lime scooters launched in the Hutt Valley on December 14, although they are yet to launch in Wellington central due to safety concerns.

"Wellington's got a heck of a lot of steep streets," Wellington City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean told Newshub in January.

"Whether these scooters are suitable for the whole city or whether they should be kept to certain parts of the city, all those kinds of questions are going to be covered in the report."

Mr Smith said the brakes on the scooter managed to stop the couch once they were done with it, and there was support underneath that stopped the couch rubbing on the back wheel.

He got the response he wanted from the stunt.

"We had a few people over and they were in hysterics, we rode past a few cars and people faces were gobsmacked."

Lime recommends riders use helmets while on the scooters, which the riders in the video were not.