'I see this far too often': Dashcam footage captures near miss

Frightening dashcam footage has emerged from a Facebook page exposing shocking driving in Auckland.

The footage, posted earlier this month, shows a vehicle travelling head on towards the car with the dashcam - on the wrong side of the road.

Sahand Pourjafari captured the incident on his dash cam, and although he was annoyed at the incident, he says he was not surprised.

"I spend a lot of time on the roads, and I see this far too often on open roads around New Zealand."

The incident took place between Okura and Albany, on Okura River Road in Auckland.

The speed limit in this area is 80 km/h, which was the speed the car was travelling towards Mr Pourjafari before veering onto the right side of the road at the last minute.

Mr Pourjafari spotted an Apex Rentals sticker on the windscreen of the car.

"Sadly I'm used to this, and I am always kind of expecting it when I see a typical rental car, even on the motorway."

Mr Pourjafari says that he always takes extra caution at this particular intersection, as he is turning right into a blind corner.


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