'I thought about running': Mark Richardson fined for perilous driving mistake

Mark Richardson has been fined for driving through a stop sign in Auckland in the early hours of the morning.

On Wednesday morning, The AM Show's sports presenter was issued a $250 fine after police caught him driving through a stop sign.

"I got stopped this morning for breaking the law. I accidently rolled through a stop sign as I was going onto Tamaki Drive and all of a sudden the lights went on behind me.

"They are hard to see those [stop] signs at four o'clock in the morning," he said.

But Richardson has also since admitted he nearly didn't stop for the cop.

"I actually thought about running, I thought if I floor it here, this copper can't chase me, but I thought I'll stop," he told The AM Show host Duncan Garner.

"It was a criminal act by myself, and I deserve to get everything coming my way. I didn't think.

"I probably should get home detention."

Garner also admitted he often goes through the "odd red light" and tried to convince his co-hosts that he had a handy tip for getting a green light to come up quicker.

"The other thing you can do, I have since learnt, you can actually flash your lights at the lights as you arrive at them in the morning, in the dark, in the evening, and they will change for you."

Newshub contacted Auckland Transport to verify that.

"You're kidding - not true," media relations manager Mark Hannan replied.


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