Jury selected for Malcolm Rewa's third murder trial

The jury has been selected for the third trial of Malcolm Rewa for the alleged murder of Susan Burdett.

Rewa, hunched forward with thinning grey hair, appeared in the dock flanked by security officers at the Auckland High Court.

He's charged with murdering Burdett who was found raped and killed in her Papatoetoe home in 1992.

Justice Geoffrey Venning told the jury pool they may be aware of the history of the case, but that didn't exclude them from sitting on the trial.

Rewa was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 1998 for sexual crimes against women.

Strict suppression orders are in place to ensure a fair trial, but media will be permitted to report on Rewa's previous offending, only if it's discussed during the trial.

Rewa was convicted of Burdett's rape based on DNA left at the scene, but two different juries could not decide whether he had murdered her.

Teina Pora made a false confession to murdering Burdett and was jailed for two decades.

After Pora was awarded $3.5 million in compensation for being wrongfully convicted of the murder of Burdett, authorities considered trying Rewa again.