King's College lambasted for ban on $100 notes at tuck shop

King's College lambasted for ban on $100 notes at tuck shop
Photo credit: Twitter/ Todd Skudder. King's College

Auckland's prestigious King's College has placed a ban on $100 notes at its tuck shop.

The students were told the news with a sign placed on the tuck shop window, which was posted to social media to a huge reaction.

King's College is known to be one of Auckland's most affluent private schools, with tuition costing over $24,000 per year.

It also costs $275 just to apply for the college - and an application does not guarantee a place.

King's is decile 10 - meaning it is part of the top 10 percent of schools with the lowest attendance of students from low socio-economic communities - perhaps why so many students were able to pay with $100 notes.

When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for the school told Newshub they were "absolutely not interested" in commenting on the ban.

But that hasn't stopped social media users laying into the school, with comments ranging from humorous, to downright irritated.

"Surprised the tuck shop didn't have the dignity to hire a graphic designer" writes one user.

"Yet another aspect of the Kiwi way of life under assault," wrote another.

A slightly more scathing view was also present in the replies to the tweet.

"As long as they still accept mummy's American Express"

"Privilege right there."



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