Kiwi chick named by Prince Harry gets its own gender reveal party

A kiwi chick Prince Harry named when he came to New Zealand has reached a milestone today. It had its very own gender reveal party. 

Tihei's sex is something scientists had to wait three months to find out, as it's impossible to tell the sex of a kiwi chick just by looking at it

So when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met this little bird at three days old, they gave it the unisex name of Tihei. 

You need a DNA test to determine a kiwi's sex, and to do that you have to pluck their feathers. 

So today, three months on, is the big gender reveal party.

Turns out, Tihei is a girl! It's a result the scientists at Rotorua's Rainbow Springs suspected.

They say females are a bit feistier, and they're bigger too.

Harry's favourite chick will soon reach another milestone.

Tihei has reached just over a kilogram and that means she's now strong enough to fight off stoats using her strong legs and feet - so tomorrow, she'll be released into the forest. 

Tihei got her last-minute health checks today before she follows Koha, the chick the Duchess of Sussex named, who's already returned to the bush.

Unlike the royal baby, Tihei will soon be far away from the public eye. No pesky cameras either, and all the wriggling she likes.