Lime calls for 'transport revolution', thousands of users 'spam' email support to Auckland council

Auckland Council is being inundated with thousands of emails from Lime users, who have called for a "transport revolution" after the company's e-scooters were temporarily banned from Auckland and Dunedin.

On Friday, Auckland Council said Lime had failed to prove its scooters were safe, amid reports of a number of injuries related to the front wheels locking up.

Lime has now publically responded to the ban, which will last until at least Monday, by asking users who log into the phone application to email Auckland Council their support for the company.

"You [may] be aware that Lime is currently only a trial in Auckland. We want to be around for the long run, we'd appreciate your support for Lime with Auckland's Mayor and Councillors," the app reads.

It then asks for the user to fill in their personal details and provides a template for an email, asking councillors to "keep Auckland rolling with Lime".

As of 5pm on Saturday evening, the app said 2660 emails had been sent.

Auckland Councillor Richard Hills told Newshub the effort was "misguided" when Lime could get support back by fixing the defect with their technology.

"It is a bit annoying that we have got 3000 emails, when really this suspension is only because of a defect with their own product," he said.

"[The emails] say the same thing and you can't actually do anything with them.

"I don't think it is the best tactic to spam, especially the councillors who might not be so supportive of Lime as I have been."

He said he wasn't anti-Lime and was excited about how the technology could help Auckland's transport system, but it still needed to be safe.

He also didn't want Lime users to think the council were adamantly against the scooters, but that they were just responding to the defect.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff tweeted on Saturday evening that safety had to be the number one consideration.

"We want to have Lime scooters back on the road. The decision to take Lime scooters off the road for 48 hours were made by officals because of concerns over their safety. Safety has to be the one number priority".

Dean Kimpton, Auckland Council chief operating officer, said on Friday that he met with Auckland Transport (AT) and Lime representatives to discuss the issues, and had decided on a temporary ban.

"We have been clear with Lime representatives that the equipment used on our transport network must be safe for use.

"The safety of people using e-scooters and those that share the environment with them is our number one priority."

Mr Kimpton said there had been 92 reported "irregular braking incidents" in Auckland, which resulted in 19 separate injury claims.

Dunedin quickly followed Auckland by pulling the scooters from the streets until safety concerns had been resolved.

Newshub has attempted to contact Lime.