Lime delivers 'proof' its scooters are safe to Auckland Council

Aucklanders need to wait at least another day before they can jump back on a Lime e-scooter.

The service has been temporarily suspended as the company works to prove safety issues are fixed.

Dozens of sudden braking incidents were reported ahead of the suspension, as well as dozens of injuries.

Council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton says it has now received all the information requested from Lime.

He says a review is underway, and hopes to provide an update on Lime's licence on Friday - one week after the popular scooters were taken offline.

"We have been clear with Lime representatives that the equipment used on our transport network must be safe for use," Mr Kimpton said last week.

More than 5000 people sent emails to Councillors asking for the service to be restored, after being encouraged to do so by the Lime app.

"A petition or a list of names would have been awesome - then we could have seen the support," Councillor Richard Hills told Newshub last week.

"But right now it's sort of misguided, when Lime knows it's their [braking] issue, not the overall issue of Lime, that needs to be fixed."

Lime scooter
Lime scooters have been popular - but dangerous. Photo credit: Getty

"I got 4000 or some damn thing emails over the weekend," said Mayor Phil Goff. "None of that is going to influence the decision - this decision is not about politics, it's about safety."

Lime, which has repeatedly failed to respond to Newshub's requests for comment over the past week, said on Monday the source of the problem had been isolated and fixed.

Lime scooters will remain in Christchurch for at least another 12 months however. The company has been given a year's permit to trade in the city and permission to add an additional 300 scooters to its 700-strong fleet.