Malcolm Rewa to appeal Susan Burdett murder conviction, claiming 'jury bias'

Convicted rapist and murderer Malcolm Rewa is appealing his conviction for the murder of Susan Burdett, claiming jury bias.

Rewa was convicted last week for the murder of Ms Burdett in 1992.

His lawyer, Paul Chambers, told Newshub Rewa would appeal the conviction on four grounds, with "jury bias" being the main one.

Mr Chambers said the jury bias claim was due to "the fact they took two and a half hours to render a decision on the 400 pages of evidence that was put before them."

He said he would also argue that details shared in court about Rewa's previous convictions were unnecessarily detailed.

Rewa maintained throughout the two-week long trial he had been in a consensual relationship with Ms Burdett and neither raped nor killed her.

Mr Chambers says Rewa is "determined to continue the matter until he gets what he believes is the right decision."

The jury took four hours from their dismissal to the verdict reading to find him guilty.

If the appeal goes ahead, it will be Rewa's fourth time appearing in court on charges of the murder of Ms Burdett.


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