Malcolm Rewa backtracks in court after Crown catches him out

Serial rapist Malcolm Rewa claimed in court on Tuesday that he had sex several times with murdered woman Susan Burdett in a "big American truck" he owned.

Rewa is being tried for the 1992 murder of Ms Burdett, of which he claims he is innocent.

And on Tuesday Crown prosecutor Gareth Kayes poked a hole in one of Rewa's claims, reminding him that he didn't own the truck in question until several years later.

When Mr Kayes challenged Rewa's story about the truck, he admitted that it may have been "a different truck" than initially stated.

Rewa claims he's found Jesus in his 23 years behind bars, saying he'll never forgive himself for the sexual crimes he committed against more than 20 women.

But he remains adamant he wasn't the one who raped and bludgeoned Susan Burdett to death. He was convicted of her rape in 1998 - but is being tried for the third time for her murder.

Rewa said the pair had a romantic relationship, and had consensual sex multiple times.

"Nobody ever asked me about the friendship we had, all they were worried about was finding someone to blame for her murder."

He claims they'd meet for romantic encounters on top of Mangere mountain, but the Crown said these claims were all lies.

"I suggest you're not going to have sex under a trig house on the apex of Mangere mountain, because there are too many people," the Crown said to Rewa.

On the night Susan Burdett was killed Rewa claimed she went to his house, they shared a pill of ecstasy and some fizzy wine and had sex in the lounge.

In court today, Rewa said their sex was consensual.

"We'd already spent time together prior to that, we had consensual sex together."

He told the jury, Susan Burdett then left to her regular game of tenpin bowling, but the Crown again had problems with his story.

"There is simply no way that before one of Susan Burdett's competitive bowling nights, she's going to take half a pill of ecstasy."

Scientists at the time found no trace of drugs in her blood.

"It's all a bunch of lies isn't it Mr Rewa?" asked Mr Kayes.

The jury's expected to begin considering its verdict on Friday.