Man shot by police in Christchurch was wanted for previously shooting at police

The 33-year-old man allegedly responsible for Tuesday evening's terrifying shoot-out in a suburban Christchurch street was previously wanted by police.

Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price addressed media on Wednesday about what led to Tuesday evening's shoot-out.

Early on Saturday, the man had allegedly fired shots at police from a vehicle after failing to stop, Spt. Price said. Police immediately abandoned pursuit.

On Tuesday, the car involved in Saturday's incident was located, and police signalled for the vehicle to stop. The driver once again failed to stop, and fled from police.

"During that pursuit it appears the driver of the car has deliberately driven towards an officer who was laying road spikes," said Spt. Price "Luckily, the officer was not harmed, and the car was spiked."

Spt. Price says the man then attempted to flee, and shot at police. Police returned fire, and the man was shot, leaving wounds in the lower half of his body.

He remains in hospital in a serious but seemingly stable condition.

"When officers are threatened or harmed, or targeted carrying out their duties, it tears at the very fabric of our communities," Spt. Price said on Wednesday.

"For my police team I want to thank you all for everything you do, every single day do to keep us safe."



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