Man Up director says facilitator to 'be held accountable' for telling woman she deserved beating

The director of anti-domestic violence programme Man Up says a facilitator will be "held accountable" after telling a woman she was at fault for the physical abuse she suffered.

Caine Warren appeared on Monday evening's episode of The Project to talk about Man Up and the controversy the Destiny Church-linked initiative has garnered.

Man Up was branded "dangerous" by Women's Refuge after the facilitator was stood down for telling a domestic violence survivor that it was her fault she was abused, because she had provoked her partner.

Mr Warren says the man who messaged victim blaming messages to an abuse survivor is taking the programme again.

"What we understand of our own internal investigation, one man made a comment on Facebook [and] the comment was inappropriate," he said.

"We have since met with him face to face, told him why it's not appropriate and held him accountable and he's actually signed up to go through the programme again."

Mr Warren says the programme understands a lot of its facilitators come from "colourful backgrounds" - but that doesn't mean he condones the behaviour.

"Man Up is a programme, the kaupapa we believe is that no women or children should ever be victims of violence," he said.

Despite the controversy, Mr Warren believes in the programme, and he says others do too.

"It's about credibility - we've been running for four and half years," he said.

"We're not Government-funded, but courts and police and government agencies are referring men to us, so there must be credibility somewhere."

Watch the full interview above.