'Monster and predator' former school rugby coach Alosio Taimo jailed

A former rugby coach and teacher aide has been labelled a "monster and a predator" by one of his victims during sentencing in the High Court in Auckland.

Alosio Taimo will spend 22 years behind bars after being sentenced in the Auckland High Court.

He was found guilty last year of 95 charges relating to sexual assault on 17 people aged between 9 and 16 years old.                                               

When handing down the sentence, Justice Simon Moore said his offending was "unprecedented in this country" and called the scale of it extraordinary.

Seven emotional victim impact statements were read to the court during the two-hour long sentencing.

One victim, now an adult, said he was manipulated to keep quiet and was too young to fully understand the situation.

"How can you call yourself a teacher and a coach when the lesson you taught us was torture," his statement said.

One mother fought back tears as she told the court Taimo "hurt my baby, my boy. He trusted you, respected you, but your evil ways won the love and loyalty of my son".

His offending dated back to the 1980s and took place in sports sheds, a classroom, a car, house and at a fast food restaurant.

Crown Lawyer Jason Rhodes argued the former teacher aide and rugby coach exploited his position of power and won the trust of parents.

But throughout the 10 week trial, defence lawyer Panama Le'a'anae said the allegations were false.

Taimo showed no emotion as the sentencing was handed down.

He won't be eligible for parole until he is 66 years old.


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