Myron Felise had 'up to 40 drinks' before punching Northland teen Eli Holtz to death

It's been revealed the man convicted of punching a Northland teenager to death consumed up to 40 drinks before the brutal attack.

On Thursday, Myron Felise was jailed for seven years for killing 18-year-old Eli Holtz after he shot him with a water gun.

The court heard harrowing victim impact statements form Holtz's family and learned more about that fateful night.

Felise sat quietly, showing no emotion in court while he was forced to hear the impact his actions have had on Eli's family.

"What you have done is destroy my life and my family's lives," Eli's biological mother Lorr Ramage told Felise.

In January 2018, Felise was standing on the corner of Queen and Wellesley St after a night out. Eli, a passenger in his friend's car, shot Felise in the back with a water gun at the lights.

His reaction was one of rage. He dragged Eli out of the car and started punching.

"You landed six punches," Eli's sister Chanelle Armstrong said in her statement. "Six. Such a small number with such a heavy consequence.

"You appointed yourself judge, jury and executioner that night, and you handed out life sentences."

When Eli, the much loved son and brother, arrived at hospital, he was almost untreatable. His sister recounted people visiting Eli's body when he returned home.

"We heard as his bones creaked and his body sank whenever someone came to hongi my brother or kiss him. I remember running my hands over his forehead and feeling the cracks in his skull."

The court also heard from Felise's mother, who pleaded with the judge to give her son another chance at getting his life back on track while acknowledging what she says was the mistake he made.

It wasn't Felise's first mistake. He was served time for his involvement in the 2008 aggravated robbery in which Auckland dairy owner Navtej Singh was shot dead.

Judge Van Boehman said Felise has a major problem with alcohol.

"On the night you killed Mr Holtz, you say you had consumed between 10 to 15 shots of spirits and at least 24 bottles of pre-mixed beverages as well as several beers," he told the court.

The defence argued for a lesser sentence, saying Felise thought he had been shot by a real weapon.

The judge didn't buy that, and gave the 30-year-old a stark warning that if he didn't learn his lesson the first time he was jailed, he had better this time.

The Holtz family are relieved the court process is finally over.

"The last 13 months have taken an incredible toll on us - mentally, physically, financially and emotionally," Ms Ramage said outside court.

Felise pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for seven years. He won't be eligible for parole for three and half years.


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