Mysterious large condom-like sea creature lurking off New Zealand's coast

A mysterious sea creature which looks like a large condom has been captured on video deep underwater off Northland.

The underwater footage was caught by diver Ben Laurie, who was dwarfed by the ten-metre long pyrosome, an invertebrate marine specimen made of thousands of zooids, which are multicellular animals.

Mr Laurie told Caters it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment off the coast of Cape Brett and he was vigilant to not venture too close for his own safety.

But scientists say pyrosomes are mostly harmless filter feeders which only snack on plankton.

Many have compared the serpent-like creatures, which can be up to 18 metres long, to a plastic bag, living wind sock and a large floating condom.

Pyrosomes, who have been called the unicorns of the sea by scientists due to the lack of knowledge about them, move by sucking in water and blowing it out to push themselves with the current.

Caters / Newshub.