Mystery heroes drive 5.5 hours from Christchurch to Tasman to deliver curries to firefighters

A Tasman fire chief is wanting to track down two men who drove all the way from Christchurch two nights in a row to deliver curries to volunteer firefighters. 

Shortly after the Pigeon Valley blaze broke out, the two men cooked and delivered 22 meals to the firefighters in Wakefield, before making the five-and-a-half-hour journey home to Christchurch.

Then they did the same trip again the next day. 

Wakefield fire chief Fritz Buckendahl says they were so appreciative of the gesture. 

"When we learnt they were from Christchurch that just blew us away," he told Newshub.

"The generosity - not just the food, but the travel; and not just for one day, but for two.

"He delivered 22 nice curries to us and Indian bread, and didn't think much of it - and then the next day they did the same thing."

- If you know the men or restaurant that delivered the curries, please email

Butter chicken and rogan josh curries were accompanied by an array of bread, which were quickly gulped down by the hardworking firefighters. 

"I was talking to one of the firemen; they did that for two days, they drove up and then repeated it the next day," Mr Buckendahl said.

"We didn't realise what was happening until later on. We just want to thank them for their over-and-beyond duty."

Mr Buckendahl says they are still hoping for rain, as firefighters continue to dampen hotspots of the massive blaze.