Neighbours band together to stop Auckland race car theft

A group of neighbours banded together to stop a race-car theft on Sunday night in Auckland.

The car's owner, Chris, who didn't want his surname used, says he heard it start up last night at around 10pm. He ran out to stop the offenders, who had hitched it to a van.

He told Newshub one of the offenders ran away, while the other was still in the van, and that's when his neighbours came outside to help.

"One of our neighbours came flying past and stuck a hammer through the glass, then grabbed the keys [of the van].

He said the man who ran away was eventually cornered on another person's property.

"He outran us, so we stopped near the top of the road, and then he stopped and turned around and was shouting to his wife, who was in the van.

"The other neighbour came out and chased [the thief] up the road and eventually cornered him at the top of the road."

Police told Newshub they were called to the scene at around 10pm and arrested two people on charges of theft, wilful damage, unlawful interference and unlawful taking.

They said they “discourage members of the public from taking matters into their own hands as they could place themselves and members of the public at risk.”