New technology could stop misuse of mobility parking

A mobility parking space.
Photo credit: Getty

The NZTA is looking into new technology to prevent unauthorised use of mobility parking spaces.

ParkRite uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags in mobility parking permits to detect when a parking space is being used.

If it detects a parking space is being used, but the vehicle does not have a sensor it flashes a red light warning the occupant to leave the space.

The technology was thought up as part of the NZTA Hackathon series, which aims to find a technological solution to transport problems.

ParkRite co-leader Scott Palmer discovered 75 percent of cars in mobility spaces were in an out in five minutes and 66 percent stayed less than two minutes.

"Chances are the majority of those [drivers] just shouldn't be there," he said in a statement..

"Initially we came with a technical project, and then it became a project driving social change. We need to change the attitudes of people who abuse mobility parks."

ParkRite is partnering with Parkable to run the pilot and CEO Toby Littin is ready to see what happens.

"The accessibility community have some unique challenges around finding parks," he said.

"We like to bring tech to [those] unique challenges and we want to do that in a way that drives an amazing parker experience. I think we can genuinely do our small part to assist."


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