New Zealand advertising company chosen to make Super Bowl ad

New Zealand animators have been in the thick of Super Bowl hype after being chosen to make an ad for a major US car company.

A commercial made for Dodge Ram trucks that would only see the light of day if the Los Angeles Rams football team was winning.

Flux Animation worked on the commercial for free for 12 weeks, knowing that they'd only get to complete the project and get paid if the Rams made the playoffs.

But they didn't hesitate.

"I think when opportunities like this come and they got such a global scale and global reach for us as a studio trying to develop and go global it's a no brainer for us," Joshua Forsman, Flux's executive producer, explains.

They had one brief: to make it short, sweet and real.

Flux has an international reputation for its 3D creatures, like the Valspar chameleons and the Toyota Possums.

The company even has a team that specialises in fur, and Mr Forsman says they're very talented.

The Super Bowl generates a massive audience of 100 million, and a 30-second television spot costs NZ$7.6 million.

Dodge - which has been a long-time Super Bowl advertiser - has done things differently this year, as the ads will only play online.

The views before the game even started sat at 6 million.

For the Flux team, the score today was irrelevant. They can always say they had a win at the Super Bowl.