New Zealand's 'war with Ireland' to beat it to 5 million

When it comes to showing up other countries, it's looking like a big year here for us folk down here at the bottom of the world.

Yes we've got cricket and rugby World Cups to win, but this year New Zealand has another major fight on its hands, and there's a new campaign afoot to make sure we win it. 

We are set to have a population of five million people by the end of the year. But, is little old New Zealand ready for it?

Our creaking infrastructure, our housing shortage,our disappearing coastlines.

Are we equipped to cope with this mind-blowing milestone?

Well who cares! Because now there's a campaign to turn reaching five million into a race! 

You see we're currently neck-and-neck with another island nation. That island? Ireland. 

With a population of 4,833,267, they already have a 57,000 head-start on us.

Watch the full story in The Project video above.