New Zealand to swelter again as temperatures hit 30s

New Zealand is experiencing another bout of hot weather as the dry summer continues. 

Temperatures are expected to peak on Thursday and Friday this week as a weak front moves across the country.

The effects of the front were felt on Tuesday, where record temperatures were recorded in Rotorua.

"Rotorua reached 31.4degC today, the town's equal-2nd highest temperature since at least 1962," NIWA said on Twitter.

"It was a tie with the max temp from 29th Jan, so just last month!"

Richmond, near Nelson, has been feeling the effects of the hot weather as it nears a record breaking dry spell.

The dry spell has lasted for 30 days, the current record is 40 days.

Rising temperatures have hit Auckland and Christchurch, but the centre of the country is particularly affected.

"Te Kuiti has an average maximum temperature in February of 24.5degC but it can expect a high of 31degC on Monday, Thursday and Friday," MetService said in a statement on Monday.

"Over central New Zealand, the Hutt Valley normally expects a daily high of 21.7degC in February, but on Monday and Thursday the temperature is forecast to rise to 28degC."

It's uncomfortable, but it's not a heatwave.

The UK MetOffice defines a heat wave as: "when the daily maximum temperature exceeds the average maximum temperature by five degrees or more for five consecutive days".

There's hope in sight though - NIWA says it will be cooler over the weekend.