New Zealand 'woke left' needs to understand Jordan Peterson's mainstream support - Sean Plunket

Prof Jordan Peterson will be interviewed on Magic Talk live at midday on Thursday, ahead of his tour across New Zealand next week.

Sean Plunket says the "woke left" needs to recognise the mainstream support professor Jordan Peterson has in New Zealand and back off ahead of his tour here.

On Thursday, Plunket, who hosts Magic Talk's afternoon show, told The AM Show that Prof Peterson has massive mainstream support from Kiwis who have connected with the professor's anti-political correctness views and support of free speech.

It follows an interview on Wednesday between Plunket and Auckland Peace Action spokesperson Iris Krzyzosiak, who opposes Prof Peterson's views and claims he is homophobic, misogynistic and racist.

The interview has since gone viral, with many commenting online about the activist's inability to support his claims.

"They don't have anything to back up their claims that he is misogynistic, queerphobic or anything else," Plunket said on Thursday.

"He is probably the most misrepresented, misreported person of the modern era."

Plunket said he would be interested in seeing if left-wing protesters picketed Mr Peterson's events, but suspects they will back off as they recognise the mainstream support he and his self-help book, Twelve Rules for Life, has in New Zealand.

"From the calls I got yesterday, [the book is] helping perhaps hundreds of thousands of people around the world," Plunket said.

"He has a following that for some reasons the woke left hate... because he has broken through the political correctness and he is starting to change the culture for a lot of people," said Plunket.

Prof Peterson has courted controversy since shooting to fame in 2017 for his stance against political correctness, including calling white privilege a "Marxist lie" and that women wear makeup to be sexually provocative.

But Plunket, whose interview on Wednesday Prof Peterson called "a miracle of journalistic dissection", is a big fan.

"He is probably one of the front line warriors in what you might call the culture war [against] what I would call wokeness, social justice, the perpetually outraged."

Auckland Peace Action released a statement after the interview to correct an acknowledgement by Ms Krzyzosiak that their sister group, Peace Action Wellington, used a fake bomb as a protest action.

"There was never, ever any "fake bomb" of any sort whatsoever... [Ms Krzyzosiak] was not a member of either group at the time of the action, nor in attendance at either protest, and was unaware of the details," the statement said.

"She simply accepted as fact the statements put to her by the interviewer."