Newshub's Patrick Gower reveals 'embarrassing' reason for doctor visit

  • 18/02/2019

Patrick Gower has revealed the "embarrassing" reason he had to go to the doctor recently. 

Speaking on Three's The Project on Monday night, Newshub's National Correspondent said he had been suffering from chronic neck pain last year.

So, like anyone with chronic pain, he went to the doctor to see just what was going on. 

"I went to the doctor and thought something might have been up," he recounted.

"And quite sad and quite embarrassing, the doctor found I had been looking at my iPhone too much," he admitted.

All that gazing down at his phone had affected his posture, he was told.

Apparently, it is a common occurrence - and Gower was sent on his way "slightly embarrassed" of his "first-world problem", with a few exercises and anti-flamme.

Watch Patrick Gower's admission in the video above.


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