'Nobody responds': Mangere Bridge resident's plea to stop boy racers, drunken parties

Residents of a South Auckland community are sick and tired of noisy street races and drunken parties.

Mangere Bridge residents are urging police and local government to do more to keep their suburb safe.

At a big public meeting on Monday evening, residents vented about the noisy street racers and drunken parties in desperate attempt to find ways to make their community safer.

Emotions ran high at the meeting as the community were still in shock after a shooting on the old Mangere Bridge on Sunday morning that left two people injured.

Locals spoke of illegal drinking, constant noise, and disorder at all times of the day and night. Someone even said shotgun cartridges have littered the esplanade. 

"Nobody responds. They get pissed off when you ring and it's just a complete waste of time," one resident told Newshub. 

There were 529 noise complaints in Mangere Bridge last year.

Police say they've increased their presence and prevention activities over the past 18 months.

Counties Manukau West Acting Area Commander Jared Pirret says that theory isn't working currently, and needs to be reviewed. 

Locals say parking restrictions and extra lighting in the town hasn't deterred people from coming here late at night.

New solutions suggested include gates to keep people out and having police officers patrol the area every night for two weeks.

And a 24/7 alcohol ban has also been put in place. Police say they will increase visibility and patrols in the area.

But all these residents want is some peace.