'Off to live another day': Shag saved by 'superheroes' on beach walk

Video has captured the moment a group of "superheroes" on an Auckland bayfront save a shag that had become tangled in fishing lines.

Birkdale local Grant Burrell narrated the group's heroic actions near the Chelsea Sugar Factory on Monday in a video posted to a local community group on Facebook.

"There's a shag down there with a fishing line wrapped around its beak," Mr Burrell says. "We've got three superheroes down here."

As a man holds the shag steady, a woman works to untangle the fishing line.

Soon enough, the bird is untangled and flies off to live another day.

"It flew okay, it would have been tired from the struggling," Mr Burrell told Newshub.

"Thanks to the kind people that helped. I would have done the same thing."

The bird, with its white belly, appears to be the native pied shag, which live in most coastal parts of New Zealand.

NZbirdsonline says it is more "confiding" than other shag species, and generally allows close approach.


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