One man's bid to rename the South Island 'New Zealand South'

Stanley Gyles, the man behind the plan
Stanley Gyles, the man behind the plan Photo credit: Supplied

A retired business man says it's time for the South Island to distance itself from the North.

Stanley Gyles says South Island is "an old, hackneyed term".

Mr Gyles told Newshub of his idea to rename the South Island, and why he thinks it's important.

"The time has come for the South Island to be independent, and have its own identity," he said

"New Zealand South is totally different to the North Island. We don't have an Auckland with its violence, gangs and congestion."

"We have mountains, skiing, Bluff Oysters. The North Island doesn't have those things, and can't provide those things."

Mr Gyles says he's working alongside a group of "heavy hitting", high-profile New Zealanders who back his idea, but they would "prefer to remain anonymous".

"All those I've spoken to [about the project] certainly have been enthusiastic. And the momentum is only just beginning."

He says a New Zealand South Facebook page and website will be launching on Tuesday, and he hopes to hire a team of people to help speed up the process - costing to the tune of $900,000.

The team will consist of a constitutional lawyer, lobbyists, and social media gurus so his idea can gain traction.

Once it's up and running, he plans to take it to Parliament and make it official.





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