Otago winemaker Providore's augmented reality tour a hit

A central Otago winemaker says his company's new augmented reality (AR) label has been key to the brand's success. 

Providore launched its interactive label in December and winemaker Pete Bartle says it allows people to both taste and tour the winery. 

"So what we're trying to achieve is using an app to connect people with the wine and central Otago," he said.

The concept is simple: consumers download an app on their smartphone and scan the label. It then springs to life, taking people on a journey of the winery, even showcasing the landscape across all four seasons. 

"It's interactive, it's fun, and it's getting our message across. It's telling people about central Otago, and how we've made the wines, and why we do what we do."

Providore isn't the first wine label to use AR technology, but it is the first to use it to tell a story. 

"We'd seen it in use, we were confident the technology could do what we wanted it to do, but we knew we could do it better."

Like the technology, the Providore brand is also a newcomer, having launched its five wines last November. 

And after just three months on the market, it's making a big impact. 

"The feedback we've got is great, people really like it, they look at it and [say] it's 'jaw-dropping'."

And Mr Bartle says the app is only going to grow. 

"We're going to roll out more updates as we go along, so we'll have a virtual cellar door with a full tasting room."

A new flavour, that'll hopefully go down a treat.