Police drop investigation into pre-teen boys 'smoking weed'

Police have investigated after an alarming video reemerged showing young south Auckland boys "smoking weed" and "getting stoney baloney" - and say no illegal substances were used.

The video, originally taken four years ago, shows the children smoking an unidentified plant-based substance using crude homemade utensils.

Based on their high-pitched voices and lack of facial hair, the boys appear to be around the age of 10. Some are dressed in what appears to be their school uniforms.

Several members of the group have created rudimentary bongs made from plastic bottles, which they use to smoke their so-called drugs out of. Another, perhaps unable to even manage this, wields an aluminium can.

"Look at these n****rs, getting stoney baloney," one says. Another youth struggles with the task of smoking up, and blames the lighter before being encouraged to "try again".

"That's some good shit!" he says after finally managing to take a successful hit.

"Stoney-oney-oney," another replies.

At the boys' feet is a bucket of what they claim to be cannabis plants.

"There's our pot plants. Try steal it, f**k you up, yo," one small boy says.

Police initially said they were concerned by the footage and they were working to identify those in the video to provide support, including through Youth Aid.

In an update, Police say they have made a number of enquiries and contacted the boy who made the video.

"We have since confirmed that the video is approximately four years old, and that no illegal substances were used and no criminal offending took place," Counties Manukau Police Inspector Chris Barry told Newshub.

"We will assess whether further intervention is required, however we do not believe further action is necessary in this instance."


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