'Pretty violating': Auckland couple disgusted by hidden camera in wedding day rental

An Auckland couple concerned they were filmed getting dressed on their wedding day have laid a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner.

Newlyweds Jimmy and Shannell Fitzpatrick claim a camera - hidden on a lightbulb in a property they were renting for the occasion - captured some members of their bridal party getting changed.

The pair should be planning their honeymoon - but instead they're battling the owner a Taupaki rental property where they stayed on Friday night with their bridal party.

Ms Fitzpatrick said finding the camera put a dampener on their big day.

"The whole day was a disaster really," she told Newshub.

Mr Fitzpatrick said it was "pretty violating to have a camera watching."

The pair says the night before the wedding, Ms Fitzpatrick, her bridesmaids and her two daughters were relaxing in front of TV when they spotted what appeared to be a hidden camera in a light bulb.

A bridesmaid said one of their daughters "actually got changed into their pyjamas before we found the camera".

Speaking to Newshub on the phone from China, property owner Tim Zhou says he never had any issues with previous occupants, and says his home in Taupaki is a paradise he always dreamed of owning.

But that dream is now tainted by the bridal party's comments to the media.

"Why didn't they come to me first?" he asked.

Mr Zhou insisted the camera was not on, and told Newshub he only installed it to monitor burglaries when no one was home.

He says he never had the camera turned on when people were there.

Chapman-Tripp partner Kelly Mcfadzien said the law around CCTV and security cameras is clear.

"Members of the public must be aware that cameras are operating and who owns and operates them."

Mr Zhou insisted there were signs on the windows saying a camera was inside, but the ADT security signs Newshub found mentioned nothing about cameras.

The newly married couple hopes the Privacy Commissioner will determine just how transparent the owner has been.


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